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        Vortex air pump has the functions of blowing (pressure feed) and suction (vacuum), the gas that has been through it has no water or oil, and it has the features such as low noises, high efficiency, and exemption from maintenance and high performance; 

        Power scope: 0.18~20KW; air mass flow: 0.8m3/min~18.9m3/min; compression ability: 1000mmH2O~7000mmH2O; vacuum absorption capacity: 1000mmH2O~4500mm  H20 special fan blade design, high pressure, big blast capacity, low noises and long service life.

        It has a special adjustable damper, so the control stability of blast capacity is high and the operation is very easy.

        The types and kinds are complete. The insulation performance is strong, the installation is easy, the reliability is high, the compression ratio is high, the bearing operating temperature is low, there is no oil or pollution, so the maintenance is easy, the appearance is beautiful, and the quality is quite high, the pressure is high and the absorption is high, which are all manifested in the unique design of impeller. There are multiple fan blades at the edge of the impeller of the vortex air pump, when the impeller rotates, because of centrifugal effect, the air between two fan blades would move toward the outer edge, rapidly to convey the energy transfusion, and the wind pressure would be accumulated quickly, thus forming high pressure or high absorption to increase the speed. When air is channeled into the impeller by the air flue again, it would be accelerated again. Because of the energy transfusion of multiple fan blades, the wind pressure would be accumulated rapidly, thus forming high pressure or high absorption.

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