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        Panel beating

        The company invested more than 30 million Yuan on the establishment of a panel beating center in 2003. And it now has a series of advanced plate equipments such as three imported laser cutting machines, one imported numerical-control press, 4 imported numerical-control bending machine, 2 imported numerical-control steel plate shearer and numerical-control veneer reeling machine etc. 
        It now provides matching plate components for world-famous enterprises such as America Caterpillar, Japan Komatsu, Oerlikon (China) Science and Technology Co.,Ltd.(Germany Saurer Textile Machinery) France Rieter Textile Macinery, America Teleilongsi etc. 
        In the recent two years, after the company passed the EN15085, it has provided matching metal plate processing parts for CSR and CNR of Ministry of Railways. The company has more than 20 certificates in international welding engineer, welding technician, and international welder etc. 
        After the company bought advanced metal plate equipments, the appearance and inner quality of draught fan products are improved as well, thus attracting more users of draught fans. 
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        Panel beating products