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        CNC precision machining

        The company invested more than 30 million Yuan on the establishment of precision machining center in 2005, and now it has more than 50 imported machining centers, and more than 10 sets of imported testing equipments. To be specific, it has advanced testing equipments such as one Japan Makino horizontal machining center, 8 Japan Okuma vertical machining centers, 7 Hurco vertical machining centers, 6 Japan Okuma numerical-control lathes, 14 Japan Fanuc drilling and milling centers, 4 Germany Demag vertical machining centers, 4 Switzerland Agie Charmilles product machining centers, one Japan Mitutoyo projector, one roughmeter, and one image mapping apparatus etc.
        The machining department has passed AS9100C product quality system. The main clients are America Woodward, Sweden Sapa, Singapore Maikaishi, CNR Dalian Locomotive Research Institute, Heifei No.38 Research Institute, and Wuxi No.56 Research Institute. 

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