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        President Oration

        It has been over 30 years since the establishment of Wuxi Xishan Special Ventilator Co.,Ltd. During all those years, it has come across twists and turns and obtained achievements as well. From the simple production of Ventilator only at the beginning to Ventilator with multiple kinds and high quality, and becoming the pioneer in the industry of Ventilator nationwide, we have gone through a road built with our efforts and sweat. We thank all sectors of society for their great support and care for Xishan special Ventilator, and we also want to extend our gratitude to the employees who are cautious and conscientious during work!

        The sea of business is vast, and thousands of boats are competing with each other, it’s confidence that has made us more confident in this environment with both completion and development, both opportunity and challenge; efforts have made us learn to be down-to-earth and have unremitting pursuits. Thus our partners would become more confident like us to embrace future. This is our fortune, our value and the motivation as well as belief for us to provide high-quality products for customers. Excellent thought originates from outstanding culture, and respecting people is the essence of enterprise culture. Creating a system with fair competition and promotion based on ability is the core to support enterprise development. We would love to provide an advantageous working environment and a platform for passionate youngsters to show their talents, thus giving an opportunity to those who have both ability and integrity to realize their value and promoting the development of enterprise at the same time.  

        Be down-to-earth and careful with work; be tolerant and honest with people; pursue extensiveness and profoundness; seek endless development. This is the fundamental tenet of employees at Xishan special Ventilator both in work and life and the motto for the continuous development of enterprise as well. Absolute sincerity would influence even metal and stone, so we would continue working hard and pursue first-class quality and service, building a win-win atmosphere with enthusiasm, honest cooperation and progress. 

        We sincerely welcome all sectors of the society to come and create development & glory together